Friday, 14 October 2011

Shhhhh - Christmas is coming!

I know that it's all lingering in the back of our minds and it will happen more quickly that we can imagine, but the Christmas season will soon be upon us! Here at the hotel, it starts at this time of year with the planning of the lobby decoration.  It's a big space with high ceilings which means you get to have lots more fun!

This is only my second year decorating here.  It seems like such a daunting task when you first start.  We pull out everything and pile it all up in the meeting room and then we start a plan.  First the big tree - The big tree in the lobby.  Luckily we have some pretty talented tree decorators on staff.....oh and some tall people too.  Everyone who has to decorate a big tree should be able to hire one tall person!

Then we start the planning of the team Christmas Party.  Our staff look forward to it every year because it's the time when we all get to sit down and just enjoy each others company. 

So, are you the person in your office who has to plan your Christmas Party?  Just a thought......why not treat your team to something special here at the hotel.  We've got a variety of options that will leave your team knowing that they're valued and appreciated and at the end of the day, you can treat yourself as a reward for a job well done!

Give us a call......Try Lori at 738-7773. 

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