Wednesday, 27 April 2011

5 Days To Go

April 27, 2011

It was the late 1990’s and boutique hotels, although well known in Europe had yet to take off in North America.  It was at this point that a group of local business men approached Bill Mahoney with the concept of turning the Murray Premises into just such a thing.  The building was being operated at that time as commercial office and retail space – but this spectacular building was destined for more.  It had it all – wide corridors, a slanted roof and that elusive “feel” that converts a regular hotel into something special.

The concept intrigued Mr. Mahoney and before long architects, designers and engineers were showing up for consultations. 

From the start, it was agreed that this would not be an easy conversion.  The walls were not level or all!  Timber beams and slanted ceilings, although beautiful make for numerous challenges.  Plumbing, electrical and communications took on a “creative” feel some days.  Through it all though, everyone was agreed that the integrity of this building would be preserved. 

As Mr. Mahoney as said, “Installing the central air conditioning, new plumbing, electrical services and communications systems while retaining and profiling the historic character of the building proved to be a major challenge for the architects, engineers and contractors.  It was a challenge they faced successfully and the finished product was something everyone was very pleased with and proud of.” 

Not one to rest though, Mr. Mahoney, was soon back at it again.  In 2005 – Phase II.  19 Rooms on the 2nd floor.  And then.....our last phase in 2010.  Phase III.  20 Rooms in our Beck’s Cove Wing. 

And now, here we are.  Less than a week away from 10 Years!  10 fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding years.  The sky’s the limit!


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