Monday, 6 June 2011

911 - You have an Emergency? You picked a perfect time to call......

June 6, 2011

It's a busy week at Murray Premises Hotel, if an emergency arose this week, we wouldn't need to call 911, we could just call upon one of our guests. This week Murray Premises Hotel is pleased to welcome the EMS Chief of Canada's Board of Directors.  Leading into their national conference, which is taking place in the city (with hundreds of delegates from across the country), Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) systems operate in a variety of forms ranging from volunteer first responders to paid Critical Care Transport Paramedics.  These EMS services may be operated by volunteer groups, private-for-profit providers, Fire Departments, hospitals, local or provincial/territorial government. With services provided and coordinated from such a broad base of sources, the challenges has been one of finding common ground for coordinated activities.  EMS provider groups have been challenged to work together without viewing one a another as the "competition", and to provide a credible national voice for EMS which will be heard across country at all levels of government.

With the guidance of the current 20 member EMSCC Board, that represent each province and the territories, it is obvious that the EMSCC collective approach to fostering high quality EMS in Canada has already met with considerable success.  A national forum for EMS has been created, along with the highly credible national "voice of EMS" which is beginning to influence all levels of government in ways that, merely a decade ago, would have been regarded as "daydreaming", and all of the Canadian EMS benefits, either directly or indirectly as a result of these activities.

We thank them for their service and the work they do, we are proud to have them stay with us this week and wish them a successful national conference.

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