Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Talk about "Magnetic Personalities"!!!

June 15, 2011

Murray Premises was pleased to host the Magnetic North II 2011 workshop this week, welcoming guests from around the world.  Did you know......

Magnetic North is an organization of magnetism researchers in Canada and their international collaborators.  It is a forum for information exchange on individual group research activities.  Magnetic North also serves as the basis for the organization of regular magnetism sessions within the annual congress of the CAP as well as stand-along Magnetic North workshops.  There are a broad range of magnetic researchers in Canada, spanning various academic departments and government laboratories using a variety of experimental, theoretical and computational techniques.  Research interests encompass geometrically constrained systems (thin films and wires), molecular magnets, dipolar systems, frustration, quantum effects, phase transitions, magneto-electrical materials, etc.  A goal of Magnetic North is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between researchers and to reveal overlapping interests that can foster useful collaborations, serving also to strengthen the magnetism research community as a whole.

We get the best guests here.  Stay tuned.  We've got another great group coming through our doors.

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