Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Week After....

May 18, 2011

The cake is cut.  The dishes are washed.  The banner has been taken down.  The balloons are slowly fading away.  The flowers are hanging in there...for now.  The celebration of our 10th Anniversary is just about over.  Time to get back down to business.

Yesterday though, we topped it off by taking the opportunity to sit down with each other to share the accomplishment.  Lunch for the team at The Gypsy Tea Room was lovely.  Great food, great company and a great chance to make sure that our team, the heroes of it all, know how much they're appreciated.  We call them our team but it really is more like a family here and I believe a lot of that has to do with the great people that we have and the great building that we represent.  It's different you know - working and representing a great old building like this.  It gets into your heart and soul and we all feel the same way.  Employees who have been with us for years feel protective.  New employees marvel that they get to work here!

So at this time, we'd like to say thank you and congratulations to (in no particular order):

Our amazing front office team - Adam, Bill, Brent, Frances and Johnathan.  And, welcome aboard Tim, Alex and Mark.  We're glad to have you join us.  This is the team that is at the beginning and end of each and every hotel experience.  They answer the calls, make the reservations, check you in, recommend restaurants and attractions, give directions and then at the end of it all wish you a great day and hope that you enjoyed your stay.  In between, they're the ones that answer all the questions - the good and the, well, unusual!!!!!  Believe me when I say that they've heard it all.  At the head of this team is David and that's all that needs to be said!

Our Breakfast attendants, Debbie and Os - starting everyone's day with a smile and a hot cup of coffee.  Glenn, keeping the inside spaces neat, clean and tidy.  Joe, keeping the outside spaces neat, clean and tidy.  And, Tom filling in wherever we need him.

And then, the unsung heroes of any hotel.  Working in the background - the housekeepers.  I'm sure that I don't even need to tell you that what they do isn't easy.  It's hard work and we could couldn't do it without them.  We're thrilled that you're here Diane, Laurie, Tracey, Claudette and Melinda.

From all of us on the management team:  Kelly Finlay - General Manager, Lori Coleman - Sales Associate, Jean Dwyer and Dawn Ring in Administration, Hilary Simpson (me!) - Director of Operations and the head of it all, Bill Mahoney, we say, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  Here's to 10 More Years"

......and NOW, back to business.

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