Wednesday, 25 May 2011

"The Murray"

May 25, 2011

I sat down yesterday to start writing another edition of our monthly newsletter "The Murray" and it got me thinking.  How long has "The Murray" been going now?  We're kind of big on birthdays around here at the moment having just celebrated the 10 years.  So I checked back through my records and realized...."The Murray" is one year old!  How did that happen?  When I mentioned it to Mr. Mahoney, he was surprised too.  It certainly doesn't seem that long ago that we started talking about it.  How could we connect with our guests?  How can we answer their questions?  How about a Newsletter.  Now, what started as an email blitz to around 100 email addresses has blossomed into a web-based email forum sent to around 3500 addresses!!!!!

We didn't want to stop there though.  Then we added a Facebook, and then Twitter, and in the middle of it all.....this blog. 

Why?  Well, it all boils down to this.  We want to talk to you and we hope that you want to talk to us.  The gratifying part is that you have.  We get so many comments back from "The Murray".  The Contest obviously gets a LOT of response.  Who doesn't want to win a night of pampering at the Hotel?  But, mixed in among the responses, are the comments.

How do people feel about us?  We know how we feel about Murray Premises Hotel - this beautiful, historic building, saved from destruction and turned into a thriving hotel - sounds like a movie plot and we're the superheroes!  Do others feel our passion?  It's always great to hear nice things from people on the outside.  People who spend their honeymoon with us  People who come to St. John's once a month and always stay with us.  People who are being wooed by other hotels, but would rather stay with us.  People experiencing Newfoundland and St. John's for the very first time. That's what it's all about.  Any hotel, any where, lives and dies by the feedback from it's guests and we're humbled by the fact that our guests like us.

If any of this has "tweaked" your interest and you'd like to get onto our mailing list, just click here to send an email with your address or just follow our blog.  The next edition of "The Murray" - our "One-Year Anniversary Edition" will be coming out around June 1st.  We hope that you won't miss it.

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